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foundation band is a ministry dedicated to encouraging believers to press onward to living righteous holy lives. foundation band originated in 1983 ministering in worship songs and original contemporary music. we were saddened with the stagnation we saw in our lives and that of fellow believers. we have dedicated ourselves to seek jesus in all our actions and make him an active part of our lives. to believers our message is to use the gifts god has given you in perfecting righteousness in all areas your life enters. to unbelievers our message is a presentation of honest, sincere christians following a living, and guiding lord and savior.

2 million views on tiktok pay
our songs' primary message is to encourage you to live wholeheartedly for the only savior and true master, jesus christ. "building on the rock" is taken from christ's parable in the rock" is taken from christ's parable in luke 6:46-49, wherein he says, "why do you call me lord and do not the things which i say?!" "whoever comes to me and does my sayings is like a man who builds his house on the rock...the man that does not do my sayings is like a man who builds his house on the sand without a foundation, against which the storm beats...and the ruin of that house is great."

the other message our songs present is that good and evil are opposed to each other; and it is impossible to serve both. this is reflected in ps 97.10, mt 16.26, luke 16.13, and romans 12.21. the verses of "by his grace" are:

i'm living in style and i feel i'm in control but deep in my soul, something is gone i know in my heart that i'm living for the world, when my motives are unfurled something is wrong when my motives are unfurled something is wrong

luxury is nothing new to me but it didn't come free there was a cost i know today that i would give it all away yes i'd give away to recover my loss

the point is that what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul?

if jesus had not come to this earth, lived a perfect life, died and rose from the dead, then there would be no hope and we would of all men be most miserable. but he did come and did rise and lives forever! we hope and pray that no matter wherever you are now, you will be drawn closer to jesus christ, turn from the world and live for him.

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